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eBay’s Red Laser: Scan Barcodes To Find Cheapest Prices For Items [WP7]

QR code generator and reader apps have become commonplace these days. Online Shopping Giant eBay Inc. has added its own QR/Barcode reader app to this genre. The app is called Red Laser and it allows you to read the product barcode of any item to view the lowest online and local prices available for it. With Red Laser, you can instantly search the best prices available without the fear of emptying your pockets for something you had set your heart on! What sets Red Laser apart from a regular Barcode/QR code Reader is its ability to search products online, make lists of shopping items, pin a shopping item as a Live Tile, generate QR codes from Plain Text, your Contact(s) list or a URL, and much more. Details after the break.

history red laserproduct red laser

Red laser has a simple-to-use interface. Scan the barcode on an item by tapping scan an item, and the app will find the cheapest prices available for it from different shopping websites. You can avail any offer directly from within the app and Pin what you think is a particularly good one as a Live Tile on your Start screen. You can also share it with your pals on Twitter and Windows Live.

The functionality of Red laser is not limited to scanning standard barcodes; it can also scan UPC, EAN, UPC-E and EAN-8 codes found at the back of shopping items.

search red laserlist red laser

If you don’t have an item with you at the spot, you can always search for it with Red Laser and add it to a List of shopping items that you had created with Red Laser earlier. The List feature of Red Laser makes it really handy for sorting your shopping items in various categories.

In addition to helping you shop, Red laser lets you embed your Contact(s), URL(s), info and Plain Text in QR codes. The QR code generator can be accessed by tapping create a code. Red Laser, with its multitude of features, is without a doubt among the best QR code reading apps that have been released for the Windows Phone platform so far, and ought to be tried not just by shopaholics but by all those who have a love of QR codes.

The app is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace. The link provided below will take you to its download page.

Download Red Laser

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