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Edge Magazine For WP7: Get The Latest News About Games & Technology

If you are a gamer, and have been a die-hard geek for a long time, then you have probably heard of the Edge Magazine. The publication is all about games and reviews of latest technology-related stuff. If you are a Windows Phone 7 user, then rejoice, as Edge has released a WP7 app of their magazine. Using the app, you can stay in touch with the latest happenings in the gaming world on the go. Details after the break.

Edge WP7 Edge Grid

The app has a pretty good interface, and comes with a touch of Metro, as well. Edge is divided into different menus, and you just have to swipe across them to get news, reviews and other featured stuff on Edge. In Fastnews, you are given a gist of the incoming news items. In addition to the feed of posts, you can also get the metro grid of menus in Edge by tapping the grid button in the bottom bar.

Edge Feed Edge Article

Once you open an article posted in the app, you can choose to view its source in Internet Explorer, while there is also an option to share it over Facebook or Twitter. You can email the write up to anyone as well. If you want, Edge allows its users to sift through all the articles of the day by simply hitting the next button, located next to Home.

Edge Magazine is a pretty neatly designed app, and if you are a fan of the publication, you are sure to love the app. You can download the app for free by heading to the web Marketplace link below.

Download Edge Magazine

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