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PicShop For Android: Photo-Editing & Sharing App With Meme Maker

We have no final word on when (or whether at all) the official Android client of the world-famous photo-editing and sharing iOS app, Instagram, will release. However, that does not imply that Android users are dearly missing the app on their devices, or lacking quality alternative options in the photography genre. Previously reviewed apps, StreamZoo, pudding.to, Mobli and numerous others have already been lauded as handy alternatives to the photo-editing giant, and there are quite a few fresh players that are emerging onto the global scene with some additional goodies of their own to attract the users. Adding to the long list of Instagram-like Android apps is PicShop that gives the true power of photo enhancement, embellishment and sharing right in your hands. Initially launched in the iTunes App Store, PicShop has just made it’s way into the Google Play Store with full force. PicShop offers you a comprehensive suite of some of the most sought-after image editing tools including snazzy filters, effects, frames, sketching/doodling options, image enhancement, sharpening, cropping, flipping, rotation and correction tools, text boxes, comment bubbles, stylish stickers, horizontal and vertical tilt shift effects, a built-in Meme generator (yeah, you heard it right), Red-Eye and blemish remover, image auto-corrector, ample personalization and sharing options, and last but not the least, an unmatched ability to work on, and store images up to 8MP in size.


As the app itself will instruct you via a step-by-step help screen, in order to start availing all the aforementioned photo editing and styling features, you must first import an image to the app’s editor interface by tapping the Load tab at the bottom. You are then presented with the choice to either snap a fresh image, or import one from your device’s local storage.


Once the required image is brought to the app’s photo editing interface, you may start tweaking it as required. For this, you may choose any supported control from within the main tabs provided at the bottom. The tabs present on the app’s main interface include Edits, Filters, Frames, Extras and Save.

Edits is from where you can find the auto fixation (brightness and contrast) tool, color tool, focal point adjuster, tilt shift effect feature, blemish tool, Red-Eye Remover, image sharpener, rotation and cropping tool.


The Filters and Frames tabs provide you with various exotic vintage style filters and frames, respectively, that you can apply to your images to make them more appealing and memorable.


The Extra tab conceals the sketching and colorizing tools, stickers, meme maker, speech bubble and text box tools. Tapping the Share tab lets you save the artwork on your device, and/or share it with your online mates. The app lets you preview each individual effect in full screen, along with the option to rotate, rescale or reposition the modified image as desired.


PicShop is available in the Google Play Store as a free and a $5.14 paid variant. The free version of the app provides access to almost the aforementioned features, and lets you save all the edited photos on your device’s local storage. However, it is restricted to just letting you preview (and not save) all the photos frames, sketching/drawing tools, colorize effects, stickers, user-created memes, speech bubbles and text box effects. Users interested in spending said amount for the paid variant are free from any restrictions whatsoever, and can not only save their photos using all the various supported effects and tools in the highest possible quality, but also share their masterpieces with their Facebook and Twitter friends on the go.

Download PicShop Lite For Android (Free)

Download PicShop For Android (Paid)

Download PicShop For iOS

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