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Edit Photos, View EXIF Data & Apply Filters With Photo Light For WP7

Even a platform like Windows Phone 7 has no shortage of photo editing apps. There are apps for just about every aspect of image post-processing. However, there is still room for new apps in that category, apps that integrate most or all of the most popular features, as no one likes to use too many apps for editing one photo. Photo Light is a new, free addition to Mango’s photo editors, which really has the potential to become a one-stop shop for basic photo-editing on your WP7 device.

Photo Light WP7 Photo Light Edit

There are many apps in the Marketplace that let you apply a specific filter or effect to your photos, such as previously covered Lomolizer. While such apps might be suitable for some of the photos you want to edit, it is likely that you end up using a bunch of other apps for the rest. Photo Light aims to be your go-to photo editor. It isn’t too minimalistic and not too complicated either. The app allows you to edit images that you have already captured, or you can use the camera option to snap a pic from within the app and edit it straight away. The app doesn’t come with options to add a lot of colors and effects to your photos (like you can in PuriClub), but it isn’t meant to be used that way. Photo Light deals with the three basic aspects of an image; Brightness, Contrast and Dimensions, each of which can be adjusted on a slider. If you are worried about the resulting (post-modification) size, you can find it out beforehand with the calculate size button.

Photo Light Filters Photo Light EXIF

However, that’s not where the usefulness of Photo Light ends. The app also offers a few basic filters like Sharpen, Emboss, Gray scale and Blur. You can also remove noise from your photos. None of these filters are customizable, that is, you cannot specify the intensity of a filter before applying it to the image. In addition to all the editing features, you can use Photo Light to view the EXIF and location data embedded in a photo. The Marketplace has dedicated apps for viewing EXIF data (such as Image Map), but in Photo Light, it is just a small part of the whole setup.

This app integrates with the Pictures hub, and also has Live Tile support. You can check Photo Light out at the Web Marketplace link below.

Download Photo Light


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