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eHow For WP7: Find Detailed, Step-By-Step Guides For Any Task

eHow is a pretty popular source on the web for finding tutorials on any topic you could think of. Be it fir everyday life or advanced technical tasks, chances are you will find something useful on the website or its mobile app, for that matter. eHow launched its Windows Phone 7 app a few days ago, and the app looks at home with its metro interface while maintaining all its practicality courtesy of the large collection of informative articles in the site’s database.

The app welcomes you with some featured articles that are updated daily, reflecting the changes over at the official eHow website. In addition to a list of featured articles, there is one article which is displayed at the launch of the app. This is changed every time you navigate back to that area and is usually chosen from among the featured articles list.

eHow WP7 CategorieseHow WP7 Search

The search button is is visible at the bottom throughout the app and you can look for anything on eHow by hitting it and entering your query. If you are done browsing through the featured articles and want to view a broader range of tutorials, then go to the categories page. There are 6 categories you can choose from, and most of them focus on everyday life and its problems.

eHow WP7 GuideeHow WP7 RequirementseHow WP7 InstructionseHow WP7 Tips

The eHow app comes with both tutorials and articles. Articles are displayed in the same way they are in any other news or RSS app, but tutorials are different. Each tutorial is sub-divided into several screens. The first page is how to, which presents the problem statement and explains what is being elaborated in the guide. The second screen lists the things which are needed to carry out the guide. Then there are the actual instructions followed by tips and resources.

eHow WP7 FavoriteseHow WP7

The app comes with usual options like zooming into each article and adding any item to your favorites list. You can share an item on a variety of platforms too. In fact, the sharing options presented by the app are somewhat unique as it doesn’t have pre-defined and limited sharing options. You can share an article over any of the accounts you have got added to your phone (Facebook, Twitter, email and more).

The app is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace. You can download it directly to your phone via the Web Marketplace link provided below.

Download eHow For Windows Phone 7

[via WPCentral]

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