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Embed AdMob Ads In Your Windows Phone 7 Applications

Admob is so popular among mobile developers that almost every free application for either Android or iPhone, has advertisements from this service. It is a common way to monetize the free applications and earn quick bucks. Developers who are now planning to develop apps for Windows Phone 7 will be disappointed to find out that it is almost impossible to get UserAgent and External IP address, both of which are required by AdMob. In short, the ability to monetize is simply not present in the initial release of WP7.

AdMob Windows Phone 7Thankfully, a developer who goes by the name of Angry Hacker, has released AdMob for Windows Phone 7 package (requires Virtual Studio 2010) to give developers an opportunity to monetize their free applications on WP7 with AdMob. The output of this project is a User Control that can be dropped into any Silverlight page.

Simply drop in the control into your WP7 application and the ads will appear.

According to the developer, the following is currently supported:

  • GPS – yes, the app will fetch the location and send it to adMob for geographically sensitive ads.
  • UserAgent – believe it or not, getting it is really difficult on this initial release of Windows Phone 7 and requires an ugly hack to get it – adMob requires it.
  • External IP address – another thing that is impossible on Windows Phone 7, and another thing that requires a hack – adMob requires it.
  • Text ads – currently the control just does unobtrusive text ads. I think this should be the default, as I don’t think phone users want epilepsy inducing flashing gifs

The developer has also provided a complete video walkthrough demonstrating how to integrate adMob ads in any Windows Phone 7 application.

Grab it from the link below.

Download AdMob for Windows Phone 7

[via Angry Hacker]

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