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Emulate Windows 7 On Your iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch With iWindows

Don’t be too fooled by the title. Yes you can get the basic look and feel of the Windows OS on your iDevice, and a pretty realistic one at that, but still the functionality that iWindows provides is quite limited for now, rendering it a mere toy app. However, there is potential and promise there for something pretty amazing. So what exactly is iWindows? iWindows is an iOS app, available at the Cydia store for jailbroken users, which simulates Windows 7 on your device. It would have been really cool had this been a complete theme based on Windows 7, but even as a standalone app, iWindows isn’t too bad an option to have on your jailbroken iPhone if you are looking to wow your friends. The app just offers Google Chrome and Notepad for now, but expect more fireworks in the future.

iWindows DesktopiWindows Start Menu

The developers of this simulator have planned to improve this app step by step (that is, starting from almost zero and adding functionalities with each update). So understandably, there are just 2 features in the app for now, Notepad and Google Chrome. There interface is pretty similar to actual Windows 7, but apart from that, there is nothing much that makes the app similar to the famous desktop OS.  Apart from the Chrome and Notepad icons in the taskbar, there is also a functional Info button that is there to let users know the basics regarding iWindows. This Info section is like the About window for the app.

iWindows NotepadiWindows Chrome

Notepad gives you three colors in which you can input and save text. This might not be too close to the real Notepad in Windows, but the overall look and feel of this section of the app is that of the real thing. Even the title bar is similar to the Notepad application, and has the close, minimize and maximize buttons in it. Google Chrome opens up in a fashion exactly like in the real Windows 7, and works just fine too. You can actually key in any web address in the Chrome omnibar, and you will be taken to the entered address straight away. The simulator might be lacking in functionality, but full marks for the UI. We are looking forward to the time when iWindows will get its promised update, along with a host of new functioning features. Do give the app a try, and if you are a little sleepy you really might feel like you are running Windows 7!

[via iDownload Blog]


  1. I bought an Apple product … that would be the last thing I would want to do is make it look like a PoS MicroTRASH Windows UI.

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