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Multitasking Enabled in iPhone 3G & iPod Touch 2G?

Well we guess the hacking community is way faster than first thought. Apple announced that multitasking will never come to iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G, disappointing millions of users. Now, a recent iPhone dev has tweeted that multitasking can in fact be enabled on iPhone 3G, just by changing the switch to TRUE. enable multitaking iphone 3g It turns out enabling multitasking is far easier than first thought. You only need to set multitasking = TRUE on the capabilities plist in SB(N82AP.plist). In later tweets he confirmed that it hasn’t been tested on iPhone 3G yet. N82AP.plist is one of the two files in the system directory which contains all the main functions of the OS which can be tweaked. There is a reason(low amount of RAM) why Apple does not want to enable multitasking on iPhone 3G but those who wish to enable can do it in the future. The multitasking might be slower but we need to see the demo before we can make the final conclusion.

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  • jonzo

    i dont get it. how do i access n82ap.plist? what is SB?

    • abejoe

      ssh to your iphone


  • I tried this but I get garbage in the file (like its a binary file) I see multitasking\…. but not multitasking = 1

  • odyss

    Where is that file on ipod touch 2g and what program can i use?

  • nsk

    ver can v find the above path in itunes or windows pc,
    please help me out