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Enable Smooth Cover Flow Scroll In iOS 5 [Cydia Tweak]

IMG_0631If you followed the news around the time the first iPhone was about to be launched, and the hype that surrounded it owing to some truly revolutionizing features, you would have most definitely awed at the sight of the beautiful cover flow feature in the Music app that apple provided for it’s first iOS version. Cover flow, was and still is, one eye candy feature that, to be honest, is not really that practical. However, that’s just one man’s opinion. So we’re into the iPhone 4S and looking at iOS 5, but for some odd reason, where the OS and hardware have been upgraded to an awesome level, the Cover Flow is still as choppy as it used to be. Well, if your iDevice is running iOS 5 and jailbroken, you can now remove that choppiness with the help of SmoothCoverFlow, a subtle yet effective Cydia tweak.

Now what exactly does the tweak change, is hard to say right now, but whatever it is, Apple sure can take a cue from it. So yes, considering the above statement made, this tweak actually does make a difference. Below you can see a video courtesy of our friends over at iDownloadBlog.

SmoothCoverFlow [Cydia Tweak]

As you can see, the difference, may be negligible, but for some, that does matter. To install this tweak on your device, needless to say you’ll need a jailbroken iDevice. Head over to the BigBoss repository in Cydia and look for SmoothCoverFlow. Alternatively you can search for the tweak using the Serach tab as well.

[via idownloadblog]

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