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Endomondo Tracks Workout Stats, Burned Calories & Plays Music [WP7]

Not everyone can hire a personal fitness trainer, and even if you do, who can match the efficiency and diligence of a machine? This is the reason there are many fitness apps available for iOS, Android and even Windows Phone 7. A few workout-related apps we have covered include Fitness One, iMuscle Nova, Nokia’s Sports Tracker and Sports Tracker for Android. From the apps we just listed, only the Nokia one is for Mango phones. Now, however, there is an app in the Marketplace which has the potential of giving Nokia ST a run for its money, and that app is Endomondo Sports Tracker. We have to say, Endomondo is one of the most comprehensive fitness training apps on any platform. It uses GPS data to determine the change in your position during a specified activity, and based on those calculations, the app will tell you stats like your average speed, distance covered and even the number of calories you have burned by indulging in the activity. Most people like listening to music while working out, and that’s why Endomondo Sports Tracker also lets you play music from within the app. There are many more features this app boasts of, and you can learn about all of them by reading on.

Endomondo WP7 Endomondo Workout Summary Endomondo Map tracking

Before you can use the app, it will request you to sign up for an Endomondo account, and once you comply, you can start working out with your very own smartphone fitness trainer. To get the music running, hit the button in the middle of the bottom bar. Now that the environment is suitable for working out, hit the left of the screen (where Running is displayed by default), and choose the type of activity you are about to perform. There are separate menus for sports and goals. In the goals section, you can choose any milestone, where Endomondo will speak out loud to encourage you further. The speaking feature of the app doesn’t end here, and it will also help you in keeping track of your speed, distance and other such values. It is also possible to view the distance you have travelled plotted on a map, which keeps updating dynamically.

Endomondo Newsfeed Endomondo History

Endomondo Sports Tracker allows its users to connect with friends, so that a sense of competitiveness eggs you on, and you can also see what others are up to fitness-wise. To view your previous activities tracked by Endomondo ST there is the History section, and you can choose to pin any particular routine to the Start screen as well.

The app is free, and has the best interface for a WP7 app we have seen in a long time. You can see for yourself by downloading it from the following link.

Download Endomondo Sports Tracker

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