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Enjoy An Unending Stream Of Free Radio Channels With rad.io [Android]

Android Market has no shortage of entertainment apps. Ranging from photography-based app to music streaming and discovery solutions, you may find plenty of quality apps. rad.io is a handy radio app for Android that lets you stream thousands of online (local and international) radio stations and podcasts for free. You can browse radio stations according to various categories/genres, search for your favorite stations, check out hot-running stations, purchase the best tracks and/or share them with your friends. The app sports a homescreen widget that lets you enjoy non-stop radio streaming with just a tap of a finger.


From Western music to traditional Indian blend, you can literally listen to anything that suits your musical needs. The app’s interface alone, is something to admire and can put the best music players to shame with its elegant design, easy-to-use controls and comprehensive information about the station, the track and the location etc. In addition, it also has the feature to suggest other similar stations that might be of your interest.

Upon launching rad.io on your device, you’re offered music of almost all tastes and beats right on the app’s homescreen through buttons for recommendations, recently played tracks, local music, your favorite tracks and last but not the least, the currently best 100 worldwide stations. Just tap on a button, pick a channel and start streaming through the app’s radio player. To manually search for radio stations, tap the search button (on top) from anywhere within the app. While playing a station, tap on the star icon to add the channel to your favorites list. You can also share the best channels with your online buddies by tapping the share button within the app’s media player.


Like a track? You have the choice to purchase your favorite tracks from the station’s official website. With rad.io, you also can sync your favorite channels between various devices and get handy recommendations for stations (both features require login). Interested users can avail the in-app registration facility to signup for a free account.

But that’s not all. There’s a smart little homescreen widget for the app as well that provides you quick access to the app itself (that’s pretty obvious) but more importantly, the last played radio station. Just tap on the play button on the widget to start streaming the last channel that you were listening to on rad.io.


To enjoy unlimited music on your Android, head over to the Market and download the app.

Download rad.io for Andorid

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