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Customize Windows 7 Task Manager Colors With Task Manager Modder

Task Manager Modder is a portable application for Windows 7 to customize (change colors of) the Task Manager. With this app you can change the grids, lines and colors of the Task Manager. The idea of changing the Task managers appearance is quite novel and can be handy for making the grid lines and color of its indicators appear more lively. It may also be helpful for people who might find the default Task manager colors to be uncomfortable or may be color blind.

Once launched, Task Manager Modder displays an interface which resembles a Shotty like screenshot. You can change the color of the CPU, Memory, Grid, Digits, and Bar by moving the slider from the bottom of the interface. The color options include 6 hex digits values (which can be applied by checking the Hex Grid option), whereas other colors can be enabled by simply moving the sliders. As you move the slider to the right, the color will start changing (e.g. from red to blue). You can use each slider to select colors for each category of the Performance tab of Task Manager. Once you have applied the changes, click Modify Taskmgr.

Task Manager Modder v0.7 X86

This will immediately apply the changes to the Task Manager, no restart required. The changes are easy to revert and the colors can be changed again at any time.


The applied changes will also affect the networking tab. To revert the changes, launch Task Manager Modder and click Restore Taskmgr.

Windows Task Manager

Note: Make sure that the Task Manager is closed when applying changes, otherwise an error will appear that the Task Manager was not found.

Task Manager Modder is developed for Windows 7 only. It will not work on previous versions of Windows.

Download Task Manager Modder

[via ghacks]

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