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Enjoy Secure, Unrestricted Internet Access With SSH Tunnel For Android

Does the network on your Android device have highly restricted and/or monitored internet access? Looking for a simple and easy solution to your deprivation or lack of online privacy? SSH Tunnel for Android is a free, simple tool that provides secure, encrypted web access on your device via SSH (Secure Shell) tunneling. The app allows you to enable SSH tunneling selectively as well as globally, that is, you can enable tunneling for individual apps of your choice or for every app on your device with a single tap. The latter provision, however, requires root access. More after the break.


It always sucks when you are trying to access an online service but can’t do that due to a government, corporate or ISP firewall preventing access to it. What’s even worse is knowing that these agents are monitoring all your internet traffic, infringing upon your privacy. Several countries have had such restrictions and the biggest example is China, with its government’s firewall being labelled The Great Firewall of China.

The solution: SSH Tunneling. In layman’s terms, SSH Tunneling is basically a technique that allows you to securely access websites and services that are monitored by your ISP or government’s cyber monitoring authority. Since all information transferred through this technique is encrypted using industry-grade SSH encryption, there is no risk of any prying eyes to sniff up your information. Take that, you tail-wagging, packet-sniffing government goonhounds!

To enable SSH tunneling, launch the app from your app drawer and enable Tunnel Switch from the top of the settings menu that appears, then scroll down to Feature Settings and tap Choose apps through proxy to select the apps for which you wish to enable SSH tunneling or enable Global Proxy to set up a secure tunnel for the whole system. From the same section of the menu, you may set the app to enable SSH tunneling automatically when a network is available. The app also sports the option to create separate profiles for separate networks and/or SSH settings (Profiles > New Profile).

Do note that you will need access to an SSH Tunneling server to be able to make use of this app. Also, it requires root access to enable all its advanced features. Though once you’re all set, you will no longer have to worry about any firewall restrictions, so it’s worth the investment in both of these.

The app is available at the Android Market Google Play Store for free, and you can grab it using the link provided below.

Download SSH Tunnel

[via Lifehacker]

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