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Enjoy Texting From Your Computer Using DeskSMS For iPhone [Cydia App]

The world is moving on from the PC to the more portable and mobile tablets and smartphones. The convenience and amazing usability these device provide are enough to hook any user to them. But a good, old-fashioned desktop still hasn’t lost the race completely. Most of the office work is still done on PCs and there are countless people out there who spend their day sitting in front of a computer, with their iPhone lying next to the monitor screen. You can surf the net from the PC, check your mails too, but what you can’t do is send an SMS. Now you don’t have to pick up your mobile for that, nor check for incoming messages regularly. Meet DeskSMS, a Cydia App for jailbroken users which will bring texting right on your desktop screen.

DeskSMSDeskSMS makes use of your Google account to connect your texting services to your computer. The setup, unfortunately, isn’t really simple. You will need to have a support client for the app too. That client is named Notifo (a pretty useful app on its own). Surprisingly Notifo is not a Cydia app, but present in the App Store. Head over there and grab Notifo for free. Install the app (which is little more than a sign up procedure).

Once you have done that, open Safari in your iDevice and go to www.notifo.com to get the required API key (we’ll come back to where it is required in a while). After you have reached the site, log in using the information you used in the app. Go to the settings tab in the site, and you will find the Notifo key there. Copy it.

Finally launch the DeskSMS app. Turn on the options in the app according to your liking. Paste the key you copied from the website in the Notifo key field and input the username you used to set up the Notifo app. Now all that’s left to do is to enter your Google username and password and you’re done. Whenever you get a new text message on your jailbroken iPhone, you will be notified on your computer as well, and can reply to it without picking up your phone.

DeskSMS is available for free in the Cydia store, and if you are a GTalk user, you might want to give it a try as a new option for texting quickly and efficiently from your desktop.


  1. What happens once Notifo is configured? I don’t see how Notifo is connecting to gmail, nor where in the interface I could type SMSes from gmail to be sent through my iPhone. Any help would be appreciated!


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