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Enter Your Email Address With Two Quick Taps On @ Key [iOS]

We have always heard people say things like “Time is money”, but only in this mechanical age of lightning quick processors and unbelievable data speeds do we truly realize how much even a second is worth. When you are on a data package then you know that each minute you spend online is costing you something. You are bound to do everything as fast as possible, and no matter how insignificant it might seem, a large portion of your time is spent in typing simple text, e-mail IDs or passwords on your device. There’s always that one sentence or login address that you have to use many times each day. With Double At Cydia tweak, the solution to this problem has arrived for jailbroken iOS users.

Double At Working

Double At is a tweak which is extremely simple in its approach. All it does is to let you define a default text template and access that template anywhere on your device (not just while texting or in the notes app, truly anywhere). How can you do that? Go to the field where you want to enter the text and double tap the @ button on the keyboard. Without any fuss, the text will appear there.

Double At

The tweak is free and available in the BigBoss repo. Once you have it downloaded, go to your iPhone or iPad’s settings menu and navigate to Extensions tab. Double At will be smiling at you there. Set the text you want to make the template and the next time you press @ twice in quick succession, the text (or e-mail ID) will appear in the current field.


  1. You can use autohotkey to do the same in windows. The script looks like this.


    Thats it. you will have to hit space or tab after to have it replace the text.

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