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Erase Unwanted Content From Photos With TouchRetouch Free For Android

TouchRetouch is an acclaimed multiplatform (iOS and Android) photo editing tool and undoubtedly one of the very best in its sub-genre. The app allows you to erase unwanted content from photos without leaving a trace (for instance, a few weeds from within the photo of a garden or a people from within a landscape picture), save the results to your device and/or share them with your friends, all for a meager price of $0.99. And now, if you own an Android device, you can enjoy the app with (almost) all its features for free. TouchRetouch Free, a free (ad-supported) variant of the original, is now available on the Android Market. In addition to ads, the free version comes with a few limitations. A few minor settings and the Clone Stamp tool has been reserved for the full version and Images are saved in a lower (640×480) resolution.


The operation remains the same. From the app’s home screen, you can snap a new photo or import one from the gallery. Once that is done, pinch to zoom in and drag to move the picture around until you have a good view of the area to be edited. select the brush tool from the tool bar at the bottom of the editing interface, adjust its radius (thickness) using the slider that appears just above the toolbar and paint over whatever you wish to remove from the photo. While the brush tool is easier and faster in usage in most cases, you may want to use the lasso tool for when you want to cover more area.


As you drag your finger over the photo with the brush / lasso tool selected, a seeker window of sorts appears in the top-left corner of the photo – a truly remarkable addition to the app. The problem with most mobile photo editing tools is that whatever you’re editing or drawing on the screen is blocked from view by your own finger (unless, like me, you too are unbelievably underweight). Not only does this “finger move hint” remedy said issue, it zooms in on the target, allowing for more precise strokes or selections. Drag your finger over the top-left corner and the window shifts to the top-right. Said window moves to the top-right corner of the photo if you drag your finger over the top-left.

Once you’re done with your selection, tap the go button and let TouchRetouch work its magic. The app takes some time to process the result so sit tight. The app replaces selected pixels with the ones immediately around the selection, giving the illusion that the removed object was never there. When the app completes its processing and if you’re happy with the result, you may save it to your device and/or share it with your friends.

The following video tutorial (from the developers’ YouTube channel) should give you an idea of how the app works.

In case you’re wondering exactly what you’ll be missing in the free variant of TouchRetouch, here’s a list of the perks that the full version:

  • No Ads
  • 1:1 Image View
  • Full image resolution
  • Additional settings
  • Clone Stamp tool for advanced photo retouching
  • Contest participation

Links for both the free and full version of the app are provided below.

Download TouchRetouch Free For Android

Download TouchRetouch For Android


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