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Ericsson Apps: Android App Suggestions & Usage Monitoring In One Place

While some apps are meant provide app recommendations based on user interest and preferences, others suggest apps according to the user-specified locations. Merging the concept of most of the aforementioned apps into one comprehensive package is Ericsson Apps by Ericsson Mobile Application Lab. Using the app, you can trace usage/popularity of various apps in your vicinity, as well as all over the world via a map. The app has the capacity to learn about all the apps installed on your device, and can present you with an overall statistical summary of app usage by their respective genre. Not only does it maintain a detailed chronological log of all the installed, used, or just the viewed apps, it can also offer you with a graphical representation of each individual app that is being used all over the world on a daily, as well as weekly, basis. That’s not all; the app also sports an option-packed recommendations segment from where you can find some very handy apps for your Android. Recommendations offered by Ericsson Apps are carved out according to the user’s own personal tastes and preferences. And did we forget to mention that the app itself sports a neatly designed, easy-on-the-eyes Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-style UI to present all the features and information? Certainly not! There’s plenty more that Ericsson Apps has to offer.

Ericsson Apps happens to be the second major release by the company in just a matter of a few days. Just yesterday, we reviewed another very fine app by Ericsson Mobile Application Lab by the name of CardBox that provided users with the option of creating, scanning and sharing barcode-based contact cards with each other.


Coming back to Ericsson Apps, once you find an attractive app from the list of suggested apps, you can see exactly where else on the globe does that particular app has most of its users, and what other apps are popular among each of those users. Want to tell the world of your own favorite apps? No worries! Ericsson App lets you decide exactly which apps you want to share publicly with the world, and which ones you wish to keep private or remove from the app’s monitoring list altogether.


Let’s take a closer look at the app’s interface. The bottom part of app’s main interface comprises a total of three tabs, namely Around Me, For Me and Me that let you avail Ericsson Apps’ app exploration, recommendation and monitoring features, respectively.


Tap the Around Me tab, and you can find all the apps currently being used in your vicinity on map. There is an option to filter apps by category and/or by a specific location. The app displays various Ericsson Apps users via individual placemarks, each carrying various thumbnails of the apps being used by those users. Tapping the List tab at the top reveals a list view of all the apps being used around your location.

For Me is from where you can get all the app recommendations. Tapping an app from this list, lets you view worldwide users of that particular app on map. You can also opt to see a list of other apps being used by the same user(s), and the detailed weekly/daily usage of the selected app via a couple of graphs. Again, you have the choice of filtering the selected app by just your current location or a custom location.


To include yourself in the app’s monitoring list, tap the globe icon at the top-right, and select ….and me. You can now see an additional Privacy tab at the bottom. Tapping said tab lets you specify whether you wish to share the usage information of the selected app publicly, keep it private, or hide it from the search list altogether. Using the Market and Share tabs at the bottom, you can navigate directly to the Google Play Store page of that particular app, or share it with your friends, respectively.


Finally, tapping the Me tab on the app’s main interface lists a detailed log of your app usage, views, and installation instances in a chronological manner. Tapping the My Style tab at the top lets you view app usage/liking by their respective categories, whereas tapping the My Privacy tab shows you the sharing preferences for various apps.

To cut it short, Ericsson Apps has to be put down as one of the most comprehensive apps of its kind that we’ve come across so far. Despite being in beta, the app works fine enough to be given a good try.

Download Ericsson Apps for Android

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