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ErrorKillerForMail: Cydia Tweak To Fix “Cannot Get Mail” Error On iPhone

Most of us iOS users have received the dreaded “Cannot get mail” error on our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch at some point in time. In this age of smartphones, we are quite dependent on our iDevices to stay connected with our contacts, be it via SMS, Facebook or e-mails, and when any of these modes of communication stops working, life becomes a lot more difficult. Now, at least jailbroken users won’t have to face this mail retrieving issue with their iDevices thanks to the new Cydia tweak titled ErrorKillerForMail.

iOS MailError Killer For Mail

As the main objective of the tweak is to get rid of an error, it has no interface and works completely in the background. The major reason behind said error is usually a crowded mail box. If you have too much e-mail messages stored in your service’s inbox and you try to load it to your iPhone, it might just become a little too much for iOS, causing the whole mail retrieving process to crash. The obvious solution to this is to delete some mails from the inbox, but there are two problems with that.

Firstly you might want to keep your mail (all of them) for any number of reasons. Secondly, and more importantly, since your mail isn’t loaded, you will have to use Safari or some other device to access whichever service you are using. To counter all this, you simply need this tweak and forget about all such worries. ErrorKillerForMail is a free tweak and can be found at the Big Boss repo in Cydia Store.


  1. I recently helped a friend set up a mail account on her iphone. Very frustrating. She had it for 3 months without email. She took it to the AT&T store twice with no luck. My fix? While playing around, I reversed the lettercase on the password. I was guessing there was a bug and the phone wasnt properly interpreting the input. So, on her email’s password, I used lowercase when it was supposed to be uppercase. Bingo, it worked.

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