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Evernote For Android Updated With Skitch Integration, Slideshow & More

Evernote – arguably the best cross-platform note taking and archiving app – has just updated its Android client with a host of new features that are going to delight one and all. The latest update of Evernote to (v3.2) brings integration with Skitch to let users annotate / edit their images instantly. Offline search within notebooks, improved tagging functionality, ability to save note attachments to SD card, a brand new Slideshow View for images and the option to open shared notebook invitations (received via email) within the app are some of the highlights of the update.

Users who had a chance to try out Skitch would be well aware of its image editing, sharing and annotating capabilities. Sktich’s integration with Evernote is perhaps the most noteworthy aspect in the entire update. This provides users with the luxury of annotating their images and sending them directly to Evernote or they can opt to annotate images that are contained in an existing note via Skitch. To draw a sketch from scratch while staying within Evernote’s edit mode, you can simply tap on the Skitch logo that leads you to said app where you can draw and doodle as you like. Once done with your sketches, just tap on Evernote’s logo to export your drawings to Evernote. In case you wish to annotate a picture that is already present in an existing note, just enter Evernote’s edit mode and tap on the image attachment. Select Annotate with Skitch from the menu to launch Skitch and you’re ready to annotate. Again, once you’re finished with your drawings, tap on Evernote icon to send your sketch back to Evernote.

Another useful addition in the recent update of Evernote is that you now have the option to search within your Evernote account in offline mode; an option that was previously available only while connected to the internet. While free users will still require an internet connection, users subscribed to Evernote Premium can carry their notes offline and search within them (PDF files supported too).

Evernote lets you easily switch between it’s newly featured Slideshow View and the normal note view. All your notes that contain nothing but just images automatically open into the slideshow mode of Evernote. In the slideshow mode, images are displayed in full screen and can be switched around easily by swiping left or right across the screen. Note titles can be easily edited by a simple tap whereas switching between slideshow mode and note view mode can be done by tapping on the slideshow icon in the top-left corner.

There have also been some handy enhancements made to some of the readily existing Evernote features such as a revamped tagging interface, ability to save your Evernote attachments to SD card and option to move notes between notebooks. To save your attachments (files or images) to the SD card, open a note that contains attachments, tap Menu > Save attachments and you’re done.

Note: To annotate images via Skitch, you mush have the app installed on your device. Market link to Evernote’s Skitch is also provided below for your convenience.

Download Evernote (v3.2) for Android

Download Skitch for Android

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