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Evernote Updated With Notebook Sharing, Widgets Now Separately Downloadable

Evernote – the groundbreaking cross-platform note-taking service –  has just updated its official Android client (to v3.3) with a handful of goodies. Apart from several new features that have been added to the Evernote client itself (details later), we now have the Evernote Widget available as a separate app on the Android Market. Using this widget, users can now easily access the core Evernote features right from their homescreens regardless of whether the app itself is installed on your SD card or internal storage. The app itself now supports even better integration with Evernote’s drawing app, Skitch. Furthermore, you can now easily share your notebooks on the fly with either your contacts or anyone via public URLs.


Although previous versions of Evernote came packed with the home screen widgets, you weren’t able to use them if you had the app stored in the SD card. This is what prompted the devlopers to launch Evernote Widget (the app), which only works with the latest version (3.3) of Evernote.

The updated client itself, now lets you annotate images using Skitch directly from within the editing interface and easily transfer notes to Skitch and vice versa. What’s more, you can now edit an existing picture (attachment) and add it to your notes by either updating the original attachment or appending a copy of it to your notes.


With the added notebook sharing options, you can now generate public URLs of your Evernote notebooks and share them with your friends via email or over social media. In addition, you may also edit access privileges for specific users (available with the premium version only).

Apart from all the aforementioned features that have been included with the client, there are several bug fixes that have been made as well to provide you with a much smoother and faster note-taking experience.

To update the existing copy of Evernote on your Android device or to download it afresh from the Android Market, hit the download link provided below.

Download Evernote v(3.3) for Android

Download Evernote Widget for Android

Update: Evernote v4.0.4 brings a totally revamped UI along with a plethora of new features that see the app emerge as one of the most comprehensive and dynamic note-taking solutions available to Android users. Among the most salient features included within the update package, you get location/ map view of notes, convenient in-app navigation via swipe gestures, intelligent action bars right throughout the app, full-screen navigation while going through notes, and lots more. Read our full review of Evernote v4.0.4 here.

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