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Everywhere Clipboard For Android – Quick Access To Clipboard History

In it’s true essence, Everywhere Clipboard is a dream-come-true solution for the Android users who have to be on their toes most of the time while picking vital chunks of information and text from within their documents, e-mails, publications and other citations. Ever since this application has hit the Android Market, users have found a realistic reason to cherish their text-editing and note-making requirements through a simple yet very effective app. Although, the default integrated text editing and clipboard options in Android were useful enough, but the users always seemed to be longing for more; especially those who had to rely heavily on modifying and cut-pasting the texts from various documents.

Everywhere Clipboard Lite (Clipboard Window)

Everywhere Clipboard provides access to enhanced clipboard functionality in what is perhaps the handiest way possible. The ‘trigger’ icon serves as the initiator of the app and sits quietly at the bottom-right of your screen (by default). Just tap the trigger and your Everywhere Clipboard mini window pops before your screen. The trigger could be recalled anytime you need to copy/paste the text to/from the clipboard. The app is rather quick and easy to launch, simple to operate and even easier to hide when not required. Even when disabled, the app captures all the copied text and saves it in the clipboard history for further usage.

The instant access feature of this application from KiuMiu is perhaps the distinguishing point of Everywhere Clipboard from the rest of the similar solutions present in the Market. The users can enjoy the luxury of saving as many as 20 records in the clipboard history. The app, as it seems, saves said records in the SD card, which is probably why mounting your SD card erases the entire clipboard history. It even causes the app to force-close at times.

The better part of the entire deal is the prioritization of all the copied content in the clipboard. Once you’ve selected some text from the clipboard, it automatically jumps to the top of the list to let you know which clipboard content you used most recently. The integrated notepad editor within the application allows you to create an altogether fresh document by accumulating all the gleaned content from the various clipboards into one solitary file, which could be saved as an individual file, perhaps providing you with an altogether fresh document file.

Everywhere Clipboard Lite02aEverywhere Clipboard Lite02b

The configuration and setup of the app is rather simple with not too many twisting and tweaking options for the users other than the adjustment of the on-screen trigger. The trigger can be preferably placed on the left or right of the screen along with being adjusted at any position on the screen horizontally. Apart from this, there is the basic start/stop feature within this menu for the additional facility of the users to enable or disable the services (obviously if they like to). However, this is an option that can be availed through at least couple of other places around the app itself. Plus, there is a Clipboard Interval Check option which allows you to set the frequency with which the app is to check system clipboard. Said value can be set as low as 1 and as high as 10 seconds.

Everywhere Clipboard Lite04

The Pro (paid) version of Everywhere Clipboard, in addition to being ad-free, contains a couple of additional features including a user-defined history limit and the option to create folders for text files.

Download Everywhere Clipboard Lite for Android (Free)

Download Everywhere Clipboard Pro for Android (Paid)

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