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Evri: A Good-Looking Topic-Based News Reader For Your iPad

New to the App Store, Evri is a free newsreader app for iPad. There are already countless such apps out there, but Evri claims to be the first topic-based newsreader in the market. The good-looking iOS app uses roundabout 15,000 sources to gather the news items it provides to its users and thus is pretty reliable. More after the break.

EvriTop News

Evri has a pretty neat interface and each section is divided into tabs. By default, the homepage shows you the Top News of the day. These are also filed under a variety of topics. The topics chosen to be displayed by default are usually the ones that are currently hot in people’s searches. On the start page of the app, you can choose to integrate Evri with your Twitter, Facebook or both accounts. This gives you ease of sharing any news item you might happen to find interesting. You can also share a piece of news via E-Mail or through Safari browser. If you want to pursue a story at a later time, simply save or bookmark it.

Technology FeedBesides Top News there are categories for the following:

  • World
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Business
  • Technology

There is also the option to view which articles you have previously read in the History section.

Follow ChannelsIf you want, you can select any topic you want and follow it. That way any news related to that topic will be featured for you in the app. The starred topics are the ones you are currently following.

For just its interface, the app warrants a download. And it is free too.

Download Evri (for iPad)

[via IntoMobile]

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