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Explore The World Of Flickr On Your Android Device With Flixplorer

Love sharing your photos on the web? There cannot be a better platform for you than the famous online photo-sharing platform Flickr. Powered by Yahoo, Flickr allows you to share your best snapshots with the world and provides you a robust platform from where you can easily manage your photo collection. To the utmost delight of Flickr fans, Flixplorer is an Android app that lets you explore the world of Flickr on your device. Based on the concept of Fluidr website, Flixplorer offers the same features to the fans in the form of an app. With Flixplorer, you can explore the vast world of Flickr galleries, custom search for individual photos and group photos, browse your photosets and Photo stream. The app supports logins from multiple services that include Flickr, Facebook and Gmail.


Once logged in, Flickr users can view comments and tags on their photos. The app can be set to display a reflection under each image for a better viewing experience. To enable reflections, go to Settings and check the Image Reflections option.

Using Flixplorer is extremely simple. The home screen of the app is comprised of a total of four (4) main tabs: Explore, Search, Your Photos and Groups. Just swipe left or right across the screen to view a new image. Search for the latest images according to your preferred keyword(s) or let the app find out interesting images from the huge online database of Flickr for you.


Try Flixplorer today and explore the most fascinating and astounding aspects of your world through a galore of images. Flixplorer is a handy photo-finder tool but does not support image downloading. The interface of Flixplorer is simple and quite responsive. However, during our brief test run, the app crashed several times especially while accessing Your Photos tab. Barring those few odd Force Close (FC) instances, the app is a must-try, especially if you love exploring whatever content gets shared on Flickr. Flixplorer free for Android contains ads whereas Pro version is totally ad-free at can be purchased at a meager price of $1.00.

Download Flixplorer free for Android (Ad-supported)

Download Flixplorer Pro for Android (Ad-free)

Update: The app has been updated with a totally revamped UI and plenty of additional features. Once logged in to the app using a Flickr account, you can now sift through the entire photo streams and photosets, add photos to favorites, and manage your groups. Moreover, the updated app now allows users to natively upload images directly to Flickr.

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