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EyeEm Is An Instagram-Like Photo Sharing & Styling App For WP7

One of the most desired apps among Windows Phone 7 users is Instagram. Despite its popularity, there is no sign of its release for the Mango platform any time soon. No doubt, there are many third-party clients for Instagram available in the Marketplace, but you cannot publish or edit photos using them. Fortunately, now you might not have to wait for Instagram at all, as EyeEm is here. Some might call it a replica of Instagram; it does seem somewhat inspired from the photo-sharing giant’s mobile clients. The basic functionality is the same, of course (you can beautify your photos and then share them with your social network friends and other EyeEm users), but the available filters are very different.

EyeEm Popular EyeEm Tags Comments

To begin using EyeEm, you either have to link your existing Facebook account with the app, or create an app-specific account using your email ID, a new username and password. Once you have done that, EyeEm will scan your contacts to see if any of them are already using the app. If they are on the service, you can connect with them, or follow their activities. Before you start making your own contributions to the EyeEm network, it is better to get a look at things through the Popular section. This will help you in gauging the type of photos that are usually shared on the service. To enlarge any image shared by other users, just tap it and you will be taken to its own stream. From the category stream, it is possible to like or share any image. Below the images, comments can be added, and you can also view the genre and location tags. If you don’t want to rely just on the Popular section to browse through the app, use the search button located in the bottom bar. The news section is the place that will show the updates from your friends and people you follow on EyeEm.

EyeEm Filters EyeEm Publish EyeEm Album

Now that you have had a good chance of exploring the app, you will find that editing images with EyeEm is as easy as using the rest of this app. Just tap the camera button from anywhere, and you will be brought to the Pictures hub. From here, it is possible to choose any of the existing photos, or snap one by tapping the camera button again. In either case, the photo will be opened in the app’s editor. There aren’t many editing options – just a bunch of filters – but that should prove to be enough for most users. The collection of effects is sufficiently decent, but an increase in their numbers won’t hurt. When you have finished editing your photo, hit the done button and you will be brought to the publishing screen. Here, you have to define relevant tags, pertaining to both the photo’s content and the location where it was shot. In addition to sharing your photos with your EyeEm friends, the app also gives you the option to simultaneously publish the image over Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr. You can even add a short text description against each photo, if you want to.

EyeEm is available for free in the Marketplace, and can be download from the link provided below.

Download EyeEm

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