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Face Pic Improve – One-Tap Retouching Of Close-Up Photos [WP7]

It is human nature to try and look our best on any occasion (or sometimes even without any significant occasion), and no one can be blamed for that. In today’s age of digital photography, the camera resolutions keep increasing which implies that we can now capture any image in greater and more life-like details. This is welcome news for most fields, but not for the beauty-conscious people. More details mean that it is becoming increasingly difficult to hide any anomaly or minor blemish on your skin (pimples, scars, etc.). This is where photo editing comes in. You can Photoshop your pics, but that requires a certain amount of skill. If you are looking for convenience in enhancing your photos, and you are a Windows Phone 7 user, Face Pic Improve is definitely worth a try. The app will let its user adjust the usual image aspects (brightness, hie, saturation, etc.), but that is not its primary feature. Face Pic Improve will enhance your photos automatically, without making you do anything!

Original PicProcessing PicImproved Pic

Face Pic Improve simply takes your pic and with a single tap you will have an improved version of your face. In the app, tap the camera icon to snap a pic directly from within the app, or select one from your device’s gallery. Once the picture has been opened in the Original tab of the app, tap the Improved tab and your photo will be transformed automatically without your having to do anything (except waiting for a few seconds).

Not satisfied with the result? You can easily customize the improvement process. Go to the app’s Settings and choose what degree of blurring you want to apply (Small by default). If you want your face to be the main focus of the photo, toggle on the Process Only Face Colors and Face color enhancement settings.

Face Pic SettingsFace Pic Sharing

Brightness adjustment lets you tinker with the photo’s light intensity features. When you are done with everything and think that the photo looks perfect now, why not show it off to your Facebook friends? Hit the Share button and right from the app, publish the pic to your Facebook Wall.

Face Pic Improve isn’t for you if you are a professional, but it does come in handy when you just need a quick and easy way to make your photos look better and give your face an angelic radiance, and that too for free.

Download Face Pic Improve

Update: The app’s WP Store page is still around, but it says that Face Pic Improve is no longer published. So, if you already have this app, you can keep using it, but new users have no way of downloading.


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