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Facebook-Page Likes Widget For Android Shows Page Likes On Homescreen

From the developers of the recently reviewed Twitter Followers Widget for Android comes Facebook-Page Likes Widget – a similar homescreen widget that displays the concurrent number of Likes of a user-specified Facebook page and provides a one-tap shortcut to accessing the page via Facebook Mobile. What makes the widget even handier than its twitter counterpart is the fact that, as of this writing, the official Facebook app for Android is yet to incorporate similar functionality i.e. the option to monitor Facebook pages. The widget is in beta as of this writing and is available on the Android Market for free.


Facebook-Page Like Widget does not access your Facebook account. It simply retrieves the number of Likes from the specified page. Tapping the blue arrow in the top right corner of the widget opens the page in the browser. Tapping anywhere else on the widget updates the Likes counter, subsequently refreshing the displayed date and time of the last update.

Download Facebook-Page Likes Widget

Update: This widget app for Android is no longer available in the Google Play Store.

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