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Fake Marketplace For WP7 Developers: Preview Your App’s Marketplace Page

From what we have heard, making a Windows Phone 7 app isn’t as difficult as it sounds and that’s why there are quite a few new and inexperienced developers working on WP7 apps. If you are one of those developers, Fake Windows Phone Marketplace is the perfect tool for you. The desktop application lets you see how your app will appear in the real Windows Phone Marketplace, helping you make it look as presentable as possible. You will have to develop the app on your own of course, but once you are done, this handy little application will help you present your app in as appealing a manner as possible within the Marketplace.

Windows Phone 7’s Marketplace is the main hub where you can get all the apps which keep WP7’s Mango-flavored world moving (although the web marketplace went live last week). Developers are constantly working on bringing the best apps to the metro platform’s growing number of users. Mango rolled out barely days ago with amazing new features (here’s how you can get it if your carrier hasn’t sent it to you just yet), and there are already more than a 1000 Mango-specific apps in the Marketplace reportedly. This shows the pace at which our app choices are growing. It might be tough for a young and upcoming developer to get noticed in this scenario. And one thing that puts people off is unprofessional-looking apps and their description.

Featured PreviewTesting

When it comes to publishing your apps to the market, presentation is everything. If your description doesn’t do justice to the app, all your coding hours just go down the drain. Fake Marketplace ensures that you get a preview of how your app will appear to end users once it gains Microsoft’s approval. If you don’t get the dimensions of the app icon just right, it might appear to be clipped. Similarly, if you don’t make the app’s install page description match the width of the icon, it might get shortened automatically.


That’s not all, this application also lets you check out how your app will look if it makes it to the featured section of the Marketplace, or gets to reach one of the coveted spots among the “Top” apps. Seeing the results, you can make adjustments to your app’s icon, description and any other data to give users the feeling that the app is from a trusted and professional source.

You can learn more about this tool from the developer’s website, and get the application at the link provided below.

Download Fake Windows Phone Marketplace

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