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FanCake: Compete Against Sports Fans By Predicting Match Outcome [iOS]

There are many games which you can enjoy alone, like Angry Birds, but things tend to get to a whole new level if you can compete against other people in a game, rather than your iPhone’s artificial intelligence. It gets even better if you can play against your own social network friends. If you are a guy who is interested in sports, then chances are that the latest matches are often the point of discussion among you and your friends. FanCake is an iOS game which turns these discussion into a game, where you have to strive towards attaining more medals than your friends, and strangers, by correctly predicting the outcome of ice hockey and basketball games. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and you can learn all about it by heading past the break.

FanCake FanCake Home

You have to link your Facebook account with FanCake in order to use the app to its full extent. On the homepage, you can learn all about the rules of the game in the FanCake Basics section. Playing FanCake games are easy. All you have to do to gain medals and rewards is to keep the app running while watching real games on TV. Before you do that, however, you will need to join the app’s tournament by tapping the Play Tournament button. The app lists all the upcoming ad current matches, and you can join any of them fifteen minutes before it actually starts. In each game’s chat room you can comment on the game, strike up a conversation with your Facebook friends and on each important moment in the match medals will appear on your phone’s screen, and you merely have to tap them to capture. The rest of the FanCake tournament isn’t that easy. You will be asked to predict certain aspects of the game you are watching and that too at random intervals in the chat room.

FanCake Games FanCake Profile

It is possible to publish your FanCake victories over Facebook, and you can also view the leaders of the tournament in the Standings tab. If none of your Facebook friends are using FanCake, the app can still prove to be fun, as it lets you compete against other users watching the same games as you. It is also possible to invite friends to join your FanCake network.

The app is available as a free download in the App Store, and you can grab it by going to the link below.

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