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FastClear For iPhone: Dismissing iOS 5 Notifications Made Easy [Cydia]

As popular as the Notification Center in iOS 5 is among iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, there are a few areas where it can certainly use a few improvements. One such Notification Center feature is the dismiss button for notification groups. While it might not present any problem to iPad users due to the large screen area of the iOS tablet, for people with iPhones, it might be a little to tricky to accurately tap the little ‘X’ button. Many users have complained of the fact that the button is too small for their liking, and that’s what the new Cydia tweak FastClear is for. This tweak makes sure that the the Clear button is always visible instead of the ‘X’.

Notification Center iOS 5 FastClear iOS FastClear Cydia

FastClear basically takes away an extra step of removing notifications from NC. Instead of first tapping ‘X’ and then Clear, you will never see ‘X’ again. Not only does this speed up the whole process of removing notifications, but as the Clear button is bigger than ‘X’, it becomes easier to tap it. To get this free tweak, you have to go to the ModMyi repo in the Cydia store, and from there, install FastClear. Once installed, the tweak won’t make any changes to the Springboard of your iDevice or to the stock Settings app, and will start working straight away. The next time you launch the Notification Center, you will notice that the Clear button is visible for all groups. This new and shortened method of removing notifications will work for individual notifications, whole groups, stock apps or third-party ones.

Of course, taking away the ‘X’ button increases the chances of accidentally removing a notification that is important for you, but that’s a small price to pay for all the convenience FastClear brings to the table. The tweak can prove to be a really useful one for a lot of people who are not satisfied with the button size for dismissing notifications, and it’s free as well, so do give FastClear a try, and it just might become one of your favorite Cydia tweaks. Cosmetically, FastClear is a pretty good tweak, as it does not change any of the features in Notification Center, and uses the stock graphics and buttons that are available in iOS. So, if you hate the pesky little cross on top of notification groups, just get rid of it for good using this handy tweak.

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