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Fetchnotes: Note-Taking With Twitter-Like Inline Hashtags; Now On Android, iOS & Web

Despite not being an avid Twitter user, I love a few things about the micro-blogging service. For instance, the way in which Twitter utilizes the concept of inline hashtags is something quite commendable. While composing a tweet, all you need to do is put a hash symbol (#) before the desired subject, place, person or topic in order to get your tweet organized, and easily discoverable within the extensive pool of hashtags that exist on the network. Wouldn’t it be great if you could employ the same concept to routine note taking? Say hello to Fetchnotes – a cross-platform note-taking app for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS-powered devices that lets you add inline hashtags to your notes for easier organizing and searching purposes. Sporting a neatly designed UI, Fetchnotes makes your task of creating notes extremely convenient via simple swipe gestures. Each user-defined hashtag represents a specific category/topic under which you can assign all your relevant notes. This simplifies searching for all notes falling under a specific hashtag, as all you need to do is tap a tag to view all the posts under it.

The fact that Fetchnotes comes with the reputation of being a comprehensive cross-platform app helps you keep in sync with all your notes on virtually any device you want. The app’s concept is as simple as it sounds. All you need to begin with the app is a valid Fetchnotes account that allows you to access, modify and manage your notes from any desired platform. New accounts can be registered for free from within the app itself.


Once logged in, the app takes you to its homescreen that lists all your Fetchnotes, complete with embedded hashtags. To create a new note, swipe left across this screen. Next, compose your note, supplement it with as many hashtags as desired, and once done, swipe towards the right to save it on the list.

While on the app’s homescreen, dragging the blue rectangular bar (at the bottom) upwards reveals the list of all user-defined hashtags. To filter the app’s notes list by notes that contain a specific hashtag, just select the tag from the list presented at the bottom. To further narrow your search criteria, you can select multiple tags at once, and have all the relevant notes listed on the app’s homescreen.


All in all; Fetchnotes seems quite promising with whatever options it has to offer as of now. However, addition of several other goodies have been promised by the developer for future updates. These may include the option to create Fetchnotes using voice commands, and share notes with contacts using Twitter-like @mentions.

Download Fetchnotes For Android

Download Fetchnotes For iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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