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File Explorer Is A Basic Android File Manager With A Holo (ICS-Themed) UI

Although a stern emphasis on aesthetics is not something that most Android users have at the top of their priority list while selecting a nifty file management solution for their device, it is something that can’t be completely overlooked either. There is no doubt that robust file management features, when coupled with an easy-to-use interface and fluid navigation options, spell a well-crafted all-round file explorer for any operating system, and Android is simply no exception. This is something that we just recently found while creating a compilation of 10 of the finest Android file managers that are available in the Google Play Store. While all listed solutions sported their own unique and, for the most part, satisfying graphical UI, none of them comes close to File Explorer when talking of an Android file management app whose layout is designed in utter compliance with the latest version of Google’s mobile OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. Before proceeding with the app review, we would like to especially thank our readers for bringing our attention to this awesome app that has been floating around for quite some time, but somehow missed the limelight; albeit only thus far. If you’re looking for an app that brings some of the basic file management features along with plenty of eye-candy, File Explorer is the way to go.

Apart from the ICS-styled menus, multiple themes, and buttery smooth navigation, File Explorer has pretty much everything that can be deemed as enough to satisfy the basic file exploration and management needs of most users. While it grants you complete access to your device’s SD card storage, it also allows allows partial access to some of the system folders.


Looking at the app’s main interface, we see a dropdown at the top that lets you quickly navigate to various predefined system as well as SD card directories (like your downloads, camera folder et al). The toolbar at the bottom comprises several buttons that help you quickly jump to the required directory, refresh the app’s content and add a new folder within the current directory.

Tapping the arrow icon displayed alongside a folder reveals a context menu with options to copy, cut/paste and delete that particular folder. In case of a file, the context menu displays an additional option to share the file via a compatible app. Long pressing a file/folder reveals the basic file management options at the bottom, such as copy, cut, paste, delete, rename, share and properties.


Taking a look at the app’s main settings screen (Menu > Preferences), we find several useful options, such as ability to select a different theme (Dark or Light), disabling displaying protected system folders on the file explorer interface, setting a custom startup folder, advanced file/folder sorting features, and a handful of other options to specify default locations for data extracted from within compressed ZIP packages.


All in all, File Explorer might not be the most feature-rich apps that can completely oust your current (presumably, root-level) file explorer, but it certainly impresses with it’s aesthetically pleasing interface and easy-to-use conventional file management options. With several other goodies already tipped to be included with the future iterations of the app, one can only expect File Explorer to get better with each update that it receives.

Download File Explorer for Android


  1. In my experience, this is the absolute best explorer.

    I don’t know how many users need root access on the file manager all the time, but I doubt many need it.

  2. Agreed. It’s a great file manager. It’s very quick too, which is a plus in my book. I just wish it had root abilities. Then it’d be my goto explorer hands down. Oh well

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