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Finally Adobe Releases PDF Reader For Android

Adobe Acrobat Reader has finally made it to the Android Market and is now available to download for free. Adobe’s PDF format has long been the globally recognized standard for portable documents. With the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones, the availability of viewer / reader software for any major format on all popular smartphone platforms is on the rise. While there have been other alternatives available for viewing PDF files on Android, none of them can fully render all components of PDF files, and many just don’t render the text the way it is meant either. Adobe’s offering offers a print-quality rendering and supports many advanced features. Therefore, for many documents, you just need the official Adobe Reader.

We tested Adobe Reader on our devices to open a 300 pages .pdf file, which opened pretty quickly with a high quality of readability and navigation. According to our testing, it worked just fine on Samsung i5700 Spica and HTC Hero (both running Android 2.1). We have also confirmed that the app also supports text-wrapping for optimized mobile viewing. While using text-wrapping, you can increase and decrease text size to fit your visibility perfectly.

Some key features of Adobe PDF Reader for Android are:

– Open PDF file attachments directly from your email and from the web. ( acts as a native Android App)

– Supports multi touch and encompasses Double Tap zoom, Pinch Zoom and Flick scrolling plus planning.

– Comes packed with page view and reflow view.

– Shows page numbering.

– Space savvy by only occupying 1.38 MB.

All in all, Adobe Reader is a much awaited addition to the Android Market and we hope that later builds will also inculcate more regular features such as full desktop-like support for embedded media, form filling, annotations etc.

If you frequently need to view PDF documents on your Android device while on the go, give Adobe Reader a shot. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments about how you find it, how is it different from any PDF readers you were previously using, what features does it lack that you would want to see in future versions, and which PDF viewer would you prefer for yourself and recommend to others.

Download Adobe Reader (Android Market)


  1. Your reviewer is wrong. My Sprint HTC Hero with Android 2.1 firmware update runs all applications just fine EXCEPT for Adobe Reader. It will not open files at all; just sits there with the Adobe Reader logo across the top, and a black screen saying “Not all recently viewed files may be listed.” Does not allow you to select any downloaded or saved-to-card PDF files. It’s a dud.

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