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Finally! Twitter For Android 2.1.0 Adds Push Notifications & Multiple Accounts

It’s been a long wait, but it’s finally over. Twitter, arguably the world’s leading micro blogging platform, has decided to level the playing field for the iOS and Android variants of its mobile client. If you’re an Android user who has long been battered by his iPhone-owning friends for having to use undoubtedly inferior social networking clients, you should know that you need not take their insults anymore. Twitter for Android has been updated to support push notifications and multiple accounts. If you don’t know what that means, then you probably won’t be interested in the benefits said features bring to the table. However, if you do, you’re probably already jumping and clicking your heels together. Twitter v2.1.0 also comes packed with new home screen widgets that can be customized to show tweets or mentions from a registered Twitter account of your choice. More on the update after the break.


What the addition of push notifications means is that you won’t have to wait for the app to retrieve/pull alerts from the network after set intervals of time, or launch the app and refresh to view new mentions or Direct Messages. Instead, notifications will be sent, or rather, pushed to the app as soon as other Twitter users mention you in their tweets or send Direct Messages. And thanks to the freshly added support for multiple accounts, you can receive said notifications for more than one of your Twitter accounts simultaneously. To add additional accounts, hit Menu and select Accounts > Manage accounts > Add account.

In addition, the interface of the 4×2 (Large) home screen widget has received a slight alteration (as can be seen in the screenshot below). The interface of the 4×1 (Small) widget remains unchanged.


After keeping the Android version of their mobile client in the stone ages for so long, Twitter has suddenly added two of the most sought-after features to the app in a single update only a month and a half after acquiring TweetDeck. It seems the network has more changes and improvements in store for its fans, planned for an unveiling in the months to come. We’re hoping that, in the months to come, we’ll see a faster, more refined version of the Twitter client for Android. The current version of the app might not be downright unsatisfactory in said respects, but it isn’t as fluid as its iPhone counterpart either.

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