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Find, Create & Share Tutorials For Anything With Snapguide For iPhone

There is the rather popular saying that goes something like, “If it wasn’t awfully difficult, you did it wrong”, but that is not always true. Experts in different fields can help and guide people to make stuff seem easier than you first perceived. That’s why books and the internet is full of how-to guides and tutorials, explaining even the most complicated tasks in an easy to understand fashion. A step-by-step guide is designed to untangle the mysteries of things which ordinary people might find difficult otherwise. If you want to find a guide on any subject, you will most likely have to scour the web for a considerable amount of time before you find something useful; well, not any more ,if you are an iOS user. The newly released Snapguide app for iPhone lets users share how-to tutorials on any subject in the world, and has a really thorough database of tutorials which is increasing all the time.

Snapguide Explore Snapguide Activity Snapguide Create Guide

There are three ways of creating a new account using Snapguide. You can use Twitter, Facebook or your email ID to become a member of the app. After the sign up procedure is complete, you will be taken to the Featured section of Snapguide. This area lists some of the most popular guides available on the app. To view newer ones, go to Explore and tap the Recent button. It is also possible to perform a search within Snapguide to find the exact content you are looking for. The Activity tab will let you discover what your friends and other users are up to in Snapguide. The app allows users to follow anyone, so that you can be alerted whenever they post a new tutorial. To create a guide of your own, Snapguide will offer a few recommendations, or you can give any other title starting with How To.

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A tutorial in Snapguide can contain any combination of text, videos and photos, divided into any number of steps. While reading a guide on the app you can get a preview of all the steps from the Jump To menu, accessible via the button in the top right corner. It is also possible to add a guide to your favorites by hitting the button in the mid of the top bar. The app allows its users to add comments to any step of the guide, and you can share it over your social network as well.

Snapguide is a free app, and you can grab it by heading to the App Store link below. If you are looking for a similar app on Android, read our review of the app named How To.

Download Snapguide For iOS

Update: The newly-released iPad version of Snapguide makes curating tutorials really easy. The browsing experience has been enhanced as well, thanks to the new magazine-like layout of the app.Snapguide iPad

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