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Find ID Of Windows Phone 7 App And Create Direct Zune Marketplace Link

Currently, the simplest way to download a Windows Phone 7 application is to search for it from within the Marketplace of the Zune application. It isn’t the fastest method though. When you find an app that you fancy, wouldn’t you rather click on a direct link to it than search for it yourself? In what follows, we’ll take through a step-by-step guide on how to find the ID of a WP7 application, using which you can create links that open directly to the app’s Marketplace page within the Zune application.


Assuming you already have the Zune application installed on your computer,

  • Download Fiddler from here and install it to your computer. Fiddler is a free web debugging utility that lets you view all HTTP/HTTPS traffic on your computer. We’re going to use this application to extract the App ID of an app from the HTTP address that appears when it is navigated to within Zune.
  • Launch Fiddler and the Zune application and keep their windows side by side.
  • Within Zune’s Marketplace tab, search for the appfor which you want to create the link. As soon as you select the app from the provided search results, a URL with the following format and host should appear in the respective columns within Fiddler.
    Host: catalog.zune.net  URL: /v3.2/en-US/apps/7b8bedd5-4368-e011-81d2-78e7d1fa76f8/?version=latest&clientType=WinMobile%207.0&store=Zest
  • Select said URL from the column on the left and from below Request Headers within the Header tab on the right, copy the string of characters between “/apps/” and “/?version=” as shown in the screenshot below. This is the app ID.


  • Insert the copied app IDafter the following link and your done.

Your final link should resemble the following.


This link, when clicked or entered within a browser’s URL bar, should take you to the Zune website where the browser should presented with the option to launch the Zune application and view the selected app’s Marketplace page.

Update: This guide was written before Windows Phone had its web Marketplace. You can now simply copy the ID of a Windows Phone app from within the URL of its web Marketplace page.


  1. Much easier than this — just browse to the app in windowsphone.com/marketplace and find the AppId from the url string.

    Note Zune doesn’t have a marketplace anymore, but you can create links that will launch the Marketplace on a phone using http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid= — if used on a computer then it will launch the app’s page on windowsphone.com.

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