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Find Ideal Home Furnishing Solutions With IKEA Catalogue For Android

Looking for an attractive and economical home furnishing solution? What better option to consider than going for the IKEA Catalogue – a pioneering name in its own respect. The IKEA Catalogue app has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time while its Android variant has just been recently launched in the Android Market. As colorfully rich and inspirational as the printed (IKEA Catalogue 2012) version, IKEA Catalogue brings some very useful features that can surely help you choose the best and most budget-friendly home furnishing solutions from a huge online database that consists of around 4,000 images, 2,000 products and plenty of additional options. While the main app features are there to ease selection procedure for your interior decoration, the store locator feature helps easily locate IKEA stores in your region.

IKEA Catalogue is an ideal platform for you to decide the most feasible furnishing setup for your home. The app supports multiple languages, and users have the option to select their preferred language right from the homes creen. Using IKEA Catalogue is as simple as it gets. Just download IKEA Catalogue in your language and start using the app. Catalogue pages can be viewed in offline mode while some features might need access to internet. You can browse through different catalogue pages with swipe gestures on your screen and zoom in/out on pages as per convenience.

You can manually search for pages or select desired catalogue pages from the list. The app supports extensive search features, Go to Page option for quick navigation and handy navigation toolbar with support for one-tap access to next, previous, first and last bookmark. You can easily add, save and manage bookmarks and rename them according to your preference.

Tapping the “+” sign on an image displays basic information pertaining to a specific product along with its price. For detailed information on products, tap on the More Information button. You can also share favorite pages or products via mail as well as through Facebook and Twitter from within the app. Found the ideal match? Then just search for a nearby IKEA store from the Store Locator button on the home screen and head over to get the best solution for your sweet home.

IKEA Catalogue is available in the Android Market free of cost and should’nt bother too many users, since it requires only Android v2.0 or higher to run.

Download IKEA Catalogue for Android

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