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First 200 DPI Custom Android SkyROM Available For Samsung Galaxy S II

If you are a Galaxy S II owner with root privileges and are always looking to do incredible things with your dual core beast, then there is some great news for you. Senior XDA member BMWPokerFace has just released first ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II that gives you onscreen detailing up to 200 DPI!


This means that, after flashing this ROM, you will be able to experience a bigger screen with more space on homescreen and reduced in-app scrolling demand. SkyROM 200 DPI custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II basically unleashes the true potential of 4.2 Inch screen incorporating the massive hardware support present. The SkyROM for Samsung Galaxy S II is based on official XXKF2 Frimware and comes pre-rroted, deodexed, zip-aligned and CF-Root Kernel with ClockworkMod Recovery 4.


An interesting aspect of this high screen density ROM is that it comes without TouchWiz Launcher because, according to ROM Chef, of it’s incompatibility with 200 DPI. Other important features of this custom ROM include themed Market, Gallery 3D, ClockPackage, Keyboard, Calculator, revamped and optimized Lockscreen Wallpaper, On board VOIP –SIP Support, G-Talk with Video, Launcher PRO and zero Bloatware.

The ROM can only be flashed through ClockworkMod Recovery and isn’t compatible with other custom recoveries. Download SkyROM custom ROM for S II and then flash it normally through ClockworkMod recovery on your rooted Samsung Galaxy S II. For detailed instructions, support and feedback, please visit the official XDA ROM thread.  For your convenience, here are the ROM installation instructions direct from developer:

This ROM is only for CWM flash:

  • Download SkyRom v1.0
  • Push the ZIP to Main directory of your intern. SD
  • Start the App: CWM
  • Choose: Flash update
  • Choose: SkyRom v1.0.zip
  • Confirm with OK and have Fun

Please note that it is important that you understand all risks involved when flashing a 3rd party custom Android firmware on your phone. It is highly advised to go through XDA link provided in last paragraph [ before the guide in quotes] to completely understand flashing procedure. And do let us know in the comments section below regarding your experience with this first 200 DPI ROM for S II.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.

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