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First Custom Kernel For T-Mobile LG G-Slate Honeycomb Tablet Released

t-mobile_g-slate_low_res_sideThe LG G-Slate is the first Honeycomb tablet, or for that matter the first tablet, to feature 3D capabilities such as 3D video recording. Fueled by the powerful Tegra 2 processor, the device has the makings of a true hero but despite the awesome hardware packed into this device and the unique 3D capabilities, the G-Slate has not received much developer attention at all. RootzWiki forum member ChiefzReloaded has released the first custom kernel for the device and spreading some hope amongst G-Slate owners. This kernel comes months after the device was rooted.

The kernel is said to serve nothing special right now in case you got all excited about some overclocks or more. The basic purpose of this kernel was to test and release a basic concept, that it can in fact be done. According to the developer:

“At the moment nothing special… Its a proof of concept… I have OC patches etc but figuring out the boot partition in the first place was a pain and then which ramdisk to use, what the base address was etc to make the boot.img and then figuring out if fastboot was real as we had nothing to flash to find out. All in all, it was just a test… More will be added, OC/UV etc… Got alot on my plate and we really need the recovery done so all in time… CR.”

The developer does plan on implementing OC and UV capabilities into this kernel whenever the partitions get mapped correctly for recovery.

You can see a screenshot of the kernel installed on the G-slate, courtesy of Dasunsrule32 from the IRC channel.


The kernel is reportedly working fine and there seems to be no trouble with the Wi-Fi connectivity as well. Those who want to install and experiment with this kernel, will need a rooted G-Slate. To root your G-Slate, see our guide on rooting the G-Slate.

For downloading and installing this kernel, head over to the forum thread at RootzWiki.

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