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First Droid 3 Custom ROM Available For Download [Steel Droid 3]

Finally there is some great news for Motorola Droid 3 as the first Android Gingerbread custom ROM for the phone has finally surfaced. Droid 3, until lately, proved to be a hard nut to crack when it came to rooting and flashing a custom Recovery. However with advent of an easier single click rooting method and Koush releasing the official Bootstrap recovery app for the phone, things got simpler for ROM developers. 

Droid Forums Member, ChevyCam94, has released Steel Droid 3 Gingerbread ROM for Droid 3 that let’s you enjoy the awesomeness of stock rom with no bloatware. According to the ROM Developer, this ROM is intended to be your perfect everyday driver with least amount of errors or bugs. Droid-3

The ROM is based on official Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread for Droid 3 and comes with a full deodexed system. Some other features of Steel Droid 3 custom ROM are:

  • Ad Block Hosts file Added
  • Custom Steel Droid Boot Animation
  • Awesome Build.Prop Tweaks to Enhance User Experience
  • Motorola FM Radio App Added
  • Busybox Upgraded to 1.18.2
  • Fixed Stock SMS App
  • Smoother List and Menu Scrolling

Early testers and users, who flashed this ROM on their Droid 3, have testified positively regarding overall functionality and utility of this ROM. And please note that all “bloatware” is virtually removed from this ROM for speed and productivity. This seems to be a great approach but you will need to re-install essential apps like GMail, Google Maps, Blur Email and News Widget if you need them in future. 

In order to install this ROM on your phone, you will need to have root along with Koush’s Bootstrap recovery installed. In case you don’t have root and want a step by step guide beginning from SBF, then head to the official Steel Droid Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread ROM thread posted here for instructions, related downloads and Live developer support. All credit for this ROM for Motorola Droid 2 goes to chevycam94 along with other able developers who helped or contributed. You can also visit Droid Steel’s official home on the web to keep track on different changes and future releases.

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