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Fix Auto SMS Conversion To MMS & Remove Contacts Limit In Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the hottest dual core Android phones that is making huge sale records through out the world. The phone’s variant, Epic 4G Touch, has also been recently launched in USA which has made Sprint gain a lot of new customers coming to their network for the sake of this phone only. Although Samsung Galaxy S II is a great phone and comes jam packed with features, but there are some instances when it isn’t compatible with your usage pattern. For instance, folks who are highly text savvy and opted to go for Samsung Galaxy S II are pretty annoyed at text messages auto converting to MMS after 4 SMS. Similarly you can not add more than 20 recipients in the recipient box.

Muveszur, Senior XDA member and developer, is out with a fix for both of these menaces. The fix is meant for generic Samsung Galaxy S II devices with deodexed ROMs and isn’t compatible with regional and carrier specific variants. This mod basically removes the 4 message auto conversion limit as well as adds the capability to add 200 recipients in Add Recipient box.

Here is the step by step guide to install this mod on your Samsung Galaxy S II:

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.

  1. The first step is to make sure that you have root on your phone with ClockworkMod Recovery GSIIinstalled [Root / CWM Link]. And as the Mod developer specifically mentions compatibility with deodexed ROMs, then you must be running a deodexed ROM on your phone.
  2. Once you are done with acquiring root, ClockworkMod recovery and a deodexed custom ROM on your phone, download the mod zip file from here and save it your desktop.
  3. Now connect your phone to the computer, Mount SD Card and copy the downloaded zip file to SD Card root.
  4. Once you have copied the file to SD Card, disconnect your phone and reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery. You can reboot into ClockworkMod Recovry via Power Menu or CWM Manager.
  5. After you are in the ClcokworkMod Recovery mode, scroll down to Choose Zip From SD Card.
  6. Select “Install Zip from SD Card” from the resulting menu and choose the mod zip file you earlier copied to SD Card.
  7. Now wait for the file to flash / install.
  8. After the flashing / installation process is complete, reboot your device using Reboot System Now option in ClockworkMod Recovery main menu.
  9. Once your phone reboots, launch the text messaging app and check if the problems are fixed.

In case you need Live developer support or want to thank the developer in person, then head to the official XDA Mod thread posted here.


    • agreed Burak, but given the choice of rooting or 3rd party apps, I just couldn’t root. I use my phone a lot, and how gutted I would be if I lost my warranty because I’d rooted and then broke it, all for this one thing. So I tried BigSMS as recommended by Paul above. It’s very good actually. Very very lightweight and fast on ICS. Probably quicker than the stock Messenger actually. Doesn’t do anything with replies though and that’s kind of why I like it. It’s very much a one-trick pony, but the one trick it does, it does exceedingly well!

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