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Fix Wi-Fi Reconnection Issue After Installing CM 7 On TouchPad

CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3 Gingerbread made it to HP TouchPad couple of days back. Almost everyone, who purchased this tab for $ 99 throwaway price, is now running the CM 7 on it. Unlike other Android porting method, CM 7.1 ROM installation on HP TouchPad is simpler and anyone can get it on their tabs following this simple procedure. However the current CM 7.1 build for HP TouchPad is in its alpha stages and developers are burning the mid-night oil to rectify the issues and make it more stable. Earlier we covered a method to “rescue” Android Market after installing CM 7 on TouchPad and today we discovered a small but highly useful Wi-Fi fix.

Many users, who opted to CM on their HP TouchPad, are currently facing Wi-Fi re-connection woes on their tabs. We are hopeful that this issue will be fixed in upcoming release, but till that time, here is a 4663503458_77acbaedc2_zworkaround:

  1. The first thing is to pull down the notification bar and disconnect Wi-Fi by tapping on the Wi-Fi toggle icon.
  2. Once done, open Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi Settings and turn on the Wi-Fi connection. Here you might have to wait for some time but be patient and tap on wait if Force Close notification appears.
  3. Once your tab has connected to a Wi-Fi network and you are online, long-press the remembered network and then tap on “Forget Network” option.
  4. Once done, drag down the notification bar and tap on the Wi-Fi toggle to turn it off.
  5. After this, go to settings again and turn on Wi-Fi from Wi-Fi settings.
  6. Wait for the networks to be scanned and then select your network.

And you are all set to use your Wi-Fi. The problem, according to workaround discoverer itsallsubliminal, is that due to buggy Wi-Fi toggle, the system remains confused. This further leads to issues in Wi-fi reconnection on your tablet. It is also recommended to keep Wi-Fi Sleep Policy status as never to avoid this reconnection glitch. For more details and discussions, please head to the XDA workaround thread posted here.

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