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Fix Windows Phone 7 Forward Email As Attachment Bug

If you are a Windows Phone 7 user and use an email account that doesn’t run on Microsoft Exchange protocol, you might have noticed that forwarding an email sends it as an attachment rather than in part of the message. Microsoft has duly acknowledged the issue and we hope they will be able to fix this minor bug in an upcoming update or release. Till an official fix is released though, we have found another way to resolve it.

As we mentioned earlier, there is a pretty annoying bug in Windows Phone 7 that relates to forwarding emails from non-exchange accounts like Hotmail and Yahoo. When you try to forward an email from your Hotmail or Yahoo account using native Windows Phone 7 email application, the email is sent in form of “.eml” or “.zip” attachment, rather than text. You can see that demonstrated in the screenshot below of an email that was sent using a Windows Phone 7 device.


The folks over at WPCentral confirm that this problem is also being experienced with Exchange 2003 Server for some users. So until Microsoft comes out with a fix for this email bug on WP7, you can use this little trick to forward emails normally from your Windows Phone 7 handset. Note that this is just a quick hack and not a permanent fix but till we have that by Microsoft, we’ve got to use whatever works and does the job. So here’s how it goes:

  1. Open the email that you want to forward.
  2. When you want to forward it, instead of tapping ‘forward’, tap ‘reply’.
  3. Now delete the email address in the “ To: “ field.
  4. Simply enter the address you want to forward the mail to, in the “To:” field.

If you want to forward the mail to a large number of recipients, you will just have to add those addresses to the To: field separated by commas. You can also add them to the CC or BCC fields if you want. Those fields are hidden by default but can be shown by selecting ‘show CC and BCC’ from the menu (the three dot icon).

So there you have it – the ability to forward an email right from your Windows Phone 7 device, with the original email as part of the forwarded email’s body, rather than as an attachment.

Got your own tips, tricks or hacks on fixing such small quirks or bugs in Windows Phone 7 or other operating systems? Don’t forget to drop us a tip.

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