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Flash / Install Undervolt Kernel On Samsung Galaxy Spica To Save Battery Life

CyanogenMod Custom ROM was made available some time back for Samsung Galaxy Spica, but according to some users and ROM tester, flashing the CM custom ROM simply ruined their handset’s battery life. This was probably caused by some integrated overclocked kernel within this custom ROM. However, there is now an undervolting kernel for CyanogenMod Custom ROM available based on kCriminal- kernel for CM. The main crux behind releasing this kernel was to provide Samsung Galaxy Spica owners a stable yet battery efficient firmware build. Undervolting is considered to be safe and is the process where an undervolting kernel is deployed to reduce the CPU speed. So, not only undervolting saves your battery, but also helps in prevention of handset over heating issues.


Here is the step by step method on installing the undervolting kernel on your Samsung Galaxy Spuica currently running Android 2.2 Froyo CyanogenMod Custom Rom based on kCriminal-

Please note that this guide is only intended for users who have root and are running CM on their phones. Trying out this kernel on other custom roms might brick your device. You can root your Samsung Galaxy Spica by following this guide. The guide to install CyanogenMod Android 2.2 Froyo on Spica is posted here.

  1. The step is to download an undervolting kernel of your choice from here and save it on your desktop.
  2. Once done, connect your phone to the computer and mount SD card. Copy the downloaded zip file to SD card root.
  3. Reboot your phone into recovery and flash zip file you copied to SD card.

And there you go! if everything goes fine, you will have your Spica undervolted for optimum battery life.

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  1. Good informative post; however, undervolting does not reduce the CPU speed. All CPUs are not created equally; some are more resistant to mild fluctuations in voltage, while some are very sensitive. This is part and parcel of the manufacturing (fabrication) of these chips. So, there is a “base” voltage at which all CPUs of the family will be considered stable. Unfortunately this “base” voltage is usually on the higher side. The higher voltage leads to more heat and usually lesser battery life. Undervolting is essentially reducing the voltage to eliminate this wastage. However, not all CPUs (even those in the same class or “family”) will work with undervolting; thus some people report a huge sucess with undervolting and some others find it to be problematic. Reducing the CPU speed is a function of “CPU speed stepping”, not undervolting.

    However, you are essentially correct about heat and battery life, and maybe you have chosen to put it in simpler language for other readers. All I want to point out is that you shouldn’t lose any processing power because of undervolting.

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