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Flick Note For Android Lets You Create Notes & Sync With Simplenote

Looking for the official mobile client for Simplenote? Well, there isn’t one. Not yet, at least. But we do have for you the next best thing – Flick Note for Android, a free (ad-supported) app that provides a two-way sync between Simplenote and your device and incorporates all major features of the note taking web app. The app allows you to view, create, edit, share and delete notes, add tags to each, filter your notes list based on said tags or search for notes by keywords, pin notes to the top of your notes list and, last but not the least, sync with your Simplenote account. The app saves a local copy of all created notes, allowing you to edit them while offline. Notes that are yet to be synced with your Simplenote account are indicated by a red cross before the title.

Flick-Note-For-AndroidEditing a note-Adding tags

To create a note, simply select New Note from the top of the app’s home screen or hit Menu and tap Add Note. The first line of each note serves as its title. Swipe downwards along the screen to add/remove tags or switch between Edit and View modes. On the app’s home screen, hold down on a note to bring up its context menu. From within said menu, you share, edit or delete the note or pin it to the top of the list.

Note to be syncedss-4-1-6c1aa0d883f6fc118871113ab1a0893f40bfe94c

You can link the app with your Simplenote account from within Menu > Preferences. As per default settings, the app syncs with your account automatically, right after it is launched, a change is made or you return to the app’s home screen after viewing a note. You can set syncing to manual only from Menu > Preferences > Sync Setting. The app even includes an alternate dark theme for note editing. Also, it has a full version, upgrading to which removes ads and unlocks its home screen widgets (compatible only with Launcher Pro, ADW Launcher and Home++). The upgrade key costs around five bucks and can be purchased from the Android Market.

The app offers more than you would expect from a simple note taking client. The only feature of the web service that it does not include is the option to view and permanently delete notes moved to trash (deleted).

chart (1)You can grab the app for free from the Android Market via the provided link or QR code.

Download Flick Note

Purchase Flick Note Key

[via Lifehacker]

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