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Flipboard For iOS Updated With Support For iPhone & iPod touch

Even before iOS was updated to iOS 5, and included Newsstand for presenting all news and magazines in one place, users of iPad were enjoying flipping through their social media and news feeds on their iPad with Flipboard, an innovative app that has gathered acclaim from critics and users alike. This unique reader creates an great-l0oking magazine of sorts out of photos, videos and articles posted on your social networks or favorite news sources. Needless to say, such a gem of an app shouldn’t be restricted to just one variant of its platform. This is probably what the team behind the app were thinking when they released a version for the iPhone and iPod touch. Although most people might argue that the biggest positive of Flipboard is its interface (that is better suited for the iPad’s larger screen), we have to admit that the app’s smaller version looks every bit as gorgeous as its original one.

Flipboard iPhone Flipboard iPhone Homepage

If you’ve been using Flipboard before, you can sign in using your existing account. If you’re new to the app, you can sign up for a new account from within it. Even without an account, you can browse through the feeds that come packed with the app, including the rather popularFlipboard Picks feedwhich lists topics and articles chosen to be featured by the Flipboard staff. However, if you sign in, you can search through a number of categories, and select the ones that interest you the most.

Flipboard iPhone Picks Flipboard iPhone Article

Each article or video that you come across can be bookmarked/favorited for later viewing. You can also search an article, or all feeds at once, for a particular word. Flipboard for iPhone, like its iPad counterpart, connects with Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to share both individual posts and entire feeds with your social network contacts. The name of the app is attributed to its unique interface and the attractive transitions that you see between pages. Install the app on your iPhone or iPod touch, flip through the pages and you’ll know what we mean. The iPhone app only supports portrait mode, which makes sense for a small-screen variant.

The app remains free, of course. You can grab it from the App Store link provided below.

Download Flipboard for iOS

Update: Not only is Flipboard now available for Android, the iOS app has gone through some really cool changes as well. The new update of the app lets its users listen to SoundCloud feeds on Flipboard. The iPhone app has got some really good accessibility options too.

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