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FM Radio On Nexus One And HTC Desire Coming Soon

We’ve got some interesting new for all you Google Nexus One owners out there who were looking to get FM Radio on their handsets: Android developers and hackers at XDA Developers forums have been able to enable FM Radio on a Nexus One as well as its HTC-branded cousin the HTC Desire, and soon an installable package or a custom ROM containing this feature will be debuting. Read on to learn more.

FM Radio

The ability to listen to FM radio on your phone while on the go is pretty attractive to all the audiophiles out there and these days, even several low-end phones ship with a built-in FM radio. That’s why when high-end phones make it to the market without this feature, it often leaves users baffled. What’s worse? A phone having the hardware capability of an FM radio integrated, but just not shipping with the right drivers and software integrated to make use of it. That is just plain inexplicable and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Turns out, that has been the case with HTC Desire and Google Nexus One.

When users initially got their hands on these devices, they were disappointed to discover the lack of FM radio. It was thought that the hardware didn’t support it due to some manufacturing or cost constraints, but turns out they were wrong. The hardware of both these devices does support FM radio, but a radio app that utilizes the hardware feature isn’t provided with the operating system.

It is interesting to know that Google has officially denied any plans of bringing FM Radio support to Nexus One at Google I/O this year. Though the third-party developer community has decided to do something about it. Android hacker at XDA forums intersectRaven has recently release a kernel file which will be able to give custom ROM authors the ability to integrate FM Radio Support. While the kernel may be ported as an installable package for those of us running custom recoveries on our phones, it may or may not be compatible with the stock Android ROMs the phones ship with, be it plain vanilla Android on Nexus One or HTC Sense based customized Android on HTC Desire. However, we can very well speculate that there will be a flood of custom Android 2.2 Froyo ROM for Nexus One And HTC desire which will carry the FM Radio support. You just have to wait and see.

So, stay tuned with us as will post the detailed instructions on porting FM Radio support to your Nexus One/ Desire as soon as any custom ROM with this feature is released.

Picture Credit: Android Police

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  • Nathaniel Mulcahy

    Still looking for where to download the FM option for my nexus one