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Folder Downloader For Android Lets You Download Entire Dropbox Folders At Once

Popular cloud storage service, Dropbox, has been consistently improving on its service, the web interface, as well as the official desktop and mobile clients. However, one feature that is currently missing in the official mobile client of Dropbox, is the option to download entire folders at once. There are a few third-party apps that let you establish a partial or complete two-way sync between your Anroid device’s storage and Dropbox cloud (like Dropsync & Dropspace), but these won’t be all that appealing to users who only find the need to download data in bulk from Dropbox. Folder Downloader for Android is a simple but handy solution for such users. This extremely lightweight tool works perfectly in combination with the official Android client of Dropbox, allowing you to download an entire Dropbox folder, along with all its subdirectories and underlying files to a directory on your Android device’s local storage. The app supports running in the background, and keeps you informed of download progress within the notification area.

As obvious from the above, you must have the official Dropbox Android client installed on your device in order to avail the handy feature of Folder Download. Provided you’ve already set up your account on the Dropbox app, all you need to do is launch Folder Downloader, and Authenticate the app to access contents of your Dropbox app (it won’t save your password).


The screen that follows displays your Dropbox directories. Navigate to the desired folder that you wish to download. Long pressing on a directory prompts you to specify the directory on your device’s local storage where you want the selected folder’s contents to be downloaded. For this, the app presents you with its native file explorer interface. If required, you can also create a folder right from the scratch. While within the required destination folder, tap the Select button to begin downloading the selected Dropbox folder.

While the downloading continues, you can monitor the progress by checking the list of all the files that have been downloaded thus far, or you may simply proceed with your routine work, and wait for the app to notify you of the completion of the download. We’ve tested the app, and can confirm that it works flawlessly.


There you have it; a simple and no-nonsense way to download your entire Dropbox folders on your Android device with utmost ease. However, a feature that we would like to see in the future updates of the app, is the ability to let users pick and download multiple folders from their Dropbox account.

Download Folder Downloader For Dropbox

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