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Let Your Friends Choose The Songs At Your Party With Fonzi For iPhone

We have all been to parties where the music is just absolutely drab; enough to make you want to walk up to the DJ and have some groovy numbers added to the playlist. Fonzi for iOS does just that for you, and with just a tap of your finger. Just log in to the app with your Facebook account, and you can find whether a friend of yours is having a party nearby. Provided your part-hosting friend is using Fonzi too, not only can you track down the location of the party, but also choose the songs to be added to the party’s playlist.

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Once you have logged in to the app using your Facebook account, you can tap Host a Party to set up the playlist for your party. Fonzi detects your physical location so that it can let your friends know of the party’s whereabouts. After you tap Start Party, Fonzi starts playing a random song from the collection on your iOS device, and posts your party’s location to your Facebook Wall.

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You as well as your friends can Select Songs for the party’s playlist (My Playlist) from within those available on the host’s device. You can tap the like or dislike icons to vote for or against the currently playing song. The Activity section shows you who has Checked In at your party, whereas the Party Info screen – meant for attendees or people wishing to attend the party – displays the name of the host and the physical location of the party on Google Maps.

Not only is the app an excellent way to invite and guide friends to a party, but also serves as a way to keep the attendees happy with the music. The app is available for free on the App Store.

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