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Fotolr Is A Powerful Photo Editing Android App With Face Retouching

Love tweaking your images? How about trying a brand new hair makeover on your older snaps or perhaps, framing your grandpa’s picture and sending it to him as a gift? Even if you like to crop, annotate or apply simple effects to your most cherished images, then you’ll find it hard to overlook Fotolr Photo Studio. Fotolr is certainly one of the most option-packed image processing/ photo editing apps (first for the iPhone and iPad and now)  for Android smartphones, combining as many as five different features such as picture editing, portrait processing , photo effects, album management and photo sharing via mail into a single comprehensive solution.

With Fotolr installed on your Android, you don’t have to rely on your computer and those extravagantly bulky image editing programs to apply the simplest of effects to your photos. Any commonly used photo effect or image processing feature for which you have to rely on various desktop applications is now available to you with Fotolr. Whether it be basic image editing functions such as drawing, resizing, minor image adjustments, adding text or rotating images, whether it be extensive album management features such as photo details, image assortment, album covers or image gallery, Photolr is loaded with almost all of what’s best and it’s still feather-light.

The app launches to a homescreen with the Quick Edit and add album buttons. All your albums are also displayed on this homescreen in thumbnails. Just capture a fresh photo from your camera or import an image from your galley and start editing it with Fotolr. The app also lets you create an exact replica of any preferred image via the cloning option so that you do not run the risk of ruining your beloved images.

You can select from multiple image effects, color splashes, photo frames, artistic designs, vintage styles, thematic scenes (with an option to download more) and wiggly text styles to embellish your images with. The app also offers some of the most amazing and fascinating face makeover effects for your snaps. Also, you can test some very interesting wig styles and apply shockingly unique hair dyes on your (or your friend’s) photos. If your efforts go beyond acceptance or if you simply do not feel like heading in the right direction with your editing, you can always revert back to the original image by tapping on the Reset button.


The image comparison feature of Fotolr is quite interesting too as it lets you compare your artistic work with the original image. Once you’re done with editing an image, just tap the A|B button to compare images. With Fotolr, images can be exported to your Fotolr albums, documents and shared via email, Facebook, Twitter and/or Weibo.

Overall, Fotolr Photo Studio is one of those wonderful apps that you can judge only when you’ve tried them yourself. Packed with a whole world of photo editing options, Fotolr vows to become your premium choice for tweaking your pictures on your device.

Download Fotolr Photo Studio for Android

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