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fotoSearch Is A Gallery For Trending Images On Twitter [Android]

Social networking and micro-blogging phenomenon, Twitter, certainly provides its users with a great platform to convey their thoughts loud and clear to the entire world through short and concise messages, referred to as tweets. That being said, the revered service is not about tweeting in plain texts; it allows you to supplement your text-based messages with relevant images, video links and URLs for numerous other associate services. For uploading images, Twitter utilizes affiliation with several photo hosting services, including yfrog, TwitPic and many more. Quite agreeably, the official Twitter client and several other third-party Twitter apps for Android offer a great experience when it comes to checking and posting tweets from all over the world, but what if you were to dive deep into the world of all those gorgeous photos shared on the network? fotoSearch for Twitter is an image searching app for Android designed specifically to fetch all popular and trending images from Twitter, yfrog and twitPic. Most online galleries and image aggregation apps don’t provide a feed of public Twitter pics. fotoSearch for Twitter vows to fill this void by offering Twitter uers a standalone image viewer for the unending stream of pictures shared on the network.

No login required and no need to set up a fresh account. Launch the app and it opens directly to to a homescreen filled with thumbnails of the latest pictures shared on the network, each under a trending hashtag. Select a hashtag to explore all the public images relevant to it. Tap on an image to enjoy its enlarged view along with all the comments added to it. Long-pressing on a photo lets you view it on the website (whichever one was used to share it on Twitter). While viewing images in the enlarged view, you can swipe left and right on the thumbnails at the bottom to switch between images.


The magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of the screen entertains all your manual queries. Try searching for whatever topic/ keyword you like and the app is likely to oblige by searching for all the relevant images. The app is far from complete (feature-wise) as of yet. The addition of a full-screen view and especially, the option to share images, would surely help it rise in popularity among Twitter users.


Download fotoSearch for Twitter for Android

Update: fotoSearch for Twitter is no longer available in the Google Play Store.

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